VR/AR Applications

BMG take part in development of modern and innovative IT business sector - Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) solutions and applications for corporate sector.

EVRON Consortium

We began close cooperation with young and dynamically growing team of Delivr Poland sp. z o.o. company – a software House from Gdansk, with which we established consortium EVRON (www.evron.com.pl).

In consortium BMG Service is a partner contributing long term advisory and engineering experience and wide contacts in industry sector. Delivr represents in our consortium know how and designing knowledge as well as expertise and few years experience in VR/AR sector including applications already realized.

What we provide?

We are Virtual Reality Studio creating VR/AR applications and innovative IT solutions, in particular for industry and corporate sector.

Our IT products optimize production costs and  educational and maintenance service costs paid by our customers (we deliver hardware and software).

We design interactive presentations of companies and products in VR/AR, 360 degrees films and various tailor made products combining new technologies with marketing and education branch.
We provide VR/AR applications and IT products:

  • optimizing production costs in industry,
  • optimizing education and maintenance services costs in corporate sector,
  • VR/AR simulators for educational purposes (hardware and software),
  • interactive company presentations for marketing purposes,
  • 360-degree videos (spherical films),
  • other modern VR/AR tailor made products combining new technologies with
  • marketing and education branch.

What characterize our products?

Individual character

Our products and applications are designed individually for our customer needs.

Costs saving

Our ambition is to deliver to clients VR/AR products, which modernize their production processes and  maintenance services and thanks to it create measurable savings. It concern any educational processes (including use of VR/AR simulators), in which application of VR/AR technics create real business savings.

Global range

Our solutions let customers providing of installations and equipment servicing, as well as educational processes with participants even thousands kilometers apart.

This is a solution very convenient for customers possessing dispersed maintenance service groups in many places of the world and products distribution all around the world.

You are welcome for cooperation. To get more information please visit www.evron.com.pl