Our experience

Onshore wind

We are active in renewable energy in Poland since 2001. From the beginning we were engaged in onshore wind development in North Poland. We took part in development and construction of the first Polish onshore wind farm projects, 100 MW size in total, in West Pomeranian Voivodship. We were responsible for turbines location, environmental and grid issues, technical designing and construction supervise.

During the time of 2001 – 2018 we were engaged in preparation of over 50 environmental reports, including 9 for onshore wind energy and for providing environmental procedures together with permitting. In total we were involved in Poland in over 400 MW onshore windfarms auditing, development and design with providing procedures of grid connection, spatial planning as well as branch and technical design, transportation solutions preparation etc.

For various Polish and international customers we have been providing and designed with success over 15 LDP, with relevant procedures for onshore windfarms with all environmental and planning issues.

Together with partners from our group, we provided engineer’s supervise of over 250 MW of windfarms being today in operation.

Offshore wind

Since 2009 we joined developing Polish offshore wind market. We took part as advisors in legislative procedures and have contribute in Maritime Act amendment in Polish Parliament, which has created a legal base for Polish offshore development. We were authors of the first concept of Polish Offshore Grid in 2012. For various Polish and international investors we were preparing applications and reports at the initial stage of location decision.

Mr. Bogdan Gutkowski was leading Polish offshore organization - Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society (PTMEW) in Gdańsk, as a Chairman of Board (2009-2013).

Thanks to our perfect knowledge of Polish offshore sector we have a contacts to scientific institutions linked to offshore sector, administration, developers, investors, producers and companies delivering equipment.

As advisors in the last 10 years we have been prepared:

  • Verification and final redaction of technical part of applications for the location decision for OWF for 3 projects of offshore windfarms of 900 MW and 1500 MW,
  • Preparation of Polish Offshore Grid concept – 2010-2012
  • Preparation of technical part of applications for the location decision for OWF for 4 projects of offshore windfarms of 200 MW and 1200 MW,
  • Coordination of complete applications for the location decision for OWF for offshore project 240 MW,
  • Preparation complete application for the location decision for OWF (Generic Application) for project of offshore windfarm in Polish exclusive economic zone,
  • Coordination of complex analysis preparation “Offshore wind energy in Poland, Market overview report and strategy options” for one if international investors,

In 2018 we have prepared for some international investors report on the current state, development and outlook of Polish offshore in the light of the last decisions of authorities to open OWE market in Poland.